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The NEW Tile book – 2022.258

The complete Tile Book for our Dishwash and Hardsurface Cleaning products.

September 29, 2022

Testmaterials based on IKW protocol

CFT offers standardized testmaterials based on IKW protocols/standards. In this flyer, you can find materials/solutions we can offer based on IKW protocols/standards. 

August 26, 2022

Front and back of the fabric: Cutting Mark

All soiled test fabrics produced by CFT are soiled
by immersion, that way both sides of the fabric
will be soiled…… 

May  24, 2022

Stay informed, CFT’s Quarterly Newsletter

In this Newsletter we would like to inform you about:  exhibitions, CFT Prices, new catalogues, CFT Equipment

June 10, 2022

CFT offers more than 50 different coloured fabrics!

This flyer contains information about our colour care fabrics. These fabrics can be used for DyeTransfer Inhibition, Colour Care and many more tests. 

November 1, 2021

CFT- DS 84 Discriminative Spent Coffee Grounds On Stainless Steel 

DS-84 is a new Spent Coffee Grounds stain (on stainless steel), specially developed for evaluating detergents for Espresso machines fighting against coffee build up in Portafilters. 

October  21, 2021

The MON-ASTM-01 also known as the ASTM D4265-14 monitor.

This monitor contains all 22 stains that comply with the ASTM D4256-14 monitor stain set.

April 14 , 2022