Hard Surface Cleaning

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Auto Dishwash

Our dishwash range started a long time ago by soiling the plates and cups used in the IKW dishwasher tests. As more and more of our customers across the globe were interested in these materials, we decided to change the actual plates for melamine tiles. The melamine plates are unbreakable, light weight, low cost and have an excellent correlation with porcelain plates.

The melamine plates very well usable as a pre-screening method to save time and costs. Our Ready-to-Use DM tiles allow you to run more trials in the same time. By pre-screening with the CFT Dishwash method you can apply expensive methods like IKW tests more effectively in a later stage.

We now offer a wide range of different stains. Not only does this range include the IKW soils, but also a lot of other different stains. Next to melamine we sell soils on a lot of different surfaces as glass, stainless steel, our special technical porcelain and plastics. Product sheets for all our stains are available in our Dishwash and Hard surface cleaning book.


  • Very cost-effective method
  • Ready-to-use testmaterials
  • Soils available on different substrates
  • Most of the tiles from stock

Manual Dishwash & Cleaning

The last couple of years we developed a lot of new testmaterials for testing the performance of manual cleaning agents like all purpose cleaners and hand dishwash detergents. Not only for domestic cleaners, but also for other cleaners like windscreen washer fluid or car shine.

Most of our materials can be effectively used in combination with a scrub tester like the TQC Sheen Wasnhability tester. Because the machine performs the movements, you cancel out the operator dependency. In combination with our MACH 5+, you are also able to quantify the performance objectively.

We now supply materials to test the performance of: All-purpose cleaners, Bathroom cleaners, Hand dishwash detergents, Kitchen cleaner and Floor cleaners.

 Product sheets for the different soils are available in our Dishwash and Hard surface cleaning book.

  • Ready-to-use testmaterials
  • Compatible with many available scrub testers
  • Soils available on different substrates

Industrial Dishwash

The testing of professional/industrial detergents and machines is becoming a common practice these days. Our dishwash tiles are also very suitable for this purpose. The dishwash tiles can be placed in the regular racks or placed on a conveyer belt for instance. We also have an adapter available that cancels out some of the mechanical action if you want to focus on the detergent performance.

Check out our (Hand) Dishwash and Hard Surface Cleaning book for product sheets.

  • Special holder available to fit in any professional hood type machine
  • Ready-to-use test materials