CFT Equipment BV s a seperate CFT Entity that sells solutions for: Wash Performance, Colour Measuring, Packaging, Quality Control and Washing.

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TQC Sheen

Scurb Abrasion and washability Tester.
The TQC -Sheen Washability Tester is designed to assess
the performance of cleaning agents applied directly to sponge
(or other types of) scrubbing heads, to mimic handdish & hard-surface cleaning
movements in a standardized way. This is fully functional in combination with CFT tiles.


Multi Area Colour-measurement hardware for fast, automatic spectral measurements
of multiple samples and large, inhomogenous surfaces.

The mach 5 is the fast and accurate solutionfor detergent performance measurements.
Perform multiple measurements in one go on hard or soft surfaces.

CFT Softness Measurement on Terry Towels

Scurb Abrasion and washability Tester. Initial Hardness of the Terry Towel is measured objectively via ourstandardised CFT friction test method and used in our internal QC procedures. This method shows good correlation with the usual subjective softness assessments.

DTGi Desintegration System

Scurb Abrasion and washability Tester