Quality Control

CFT is the largest producer of soiled testfabrics for detergent testing performance testing in the world. We are a one-stop-shop for all materials needed to test cleaning agents.  

The start & end of every batch of Standardized Testmaterials is tested with a dosage response test with ten different doses of I EC-A * detergent (with relevant enzymes) in a Wascator reference washing machine. The results are judged on the following criteria:

• Colour of Rsoiled +/- 2.5 points of reference value
• Diff. between Rsoiled start & end of fabric max. 2 units
• ∆ R Soil removal with water and with highest dose of Detergent within threshold (depending on product)
• Diff. Rwashed between start & en of fabric max. 2 units.
• Shape of the dosage response curve acc. to profile

Thresholds are determined based on the data of 10 selected QC-tests. The QC is finished with a dry QC-check where max 2 units difference in Rs per cut meter are accepted. This is checked both visually and with a spectrophotometer. A batch only passes if it complies with all thresholds and conditions. 


The swatches are tested in 10 different special jars, each filled with a different detergent dose. The jars are put in the Wascator for the main wash. Before the rinse cycle the pots are emptied in the Wascator. This way, we can test 10 different doses in one run.

DM-tiles are judged on the same criteria as the fabrics. They are tested with 5 doses of GSM-B (with relevant enzymes) in 5 miele GSL 1222 dishwashers. The QC is finished with a dry-QC check where dishwash monitors are preselected into packs that only contain one Ys-value.

Circular stain are preselected with a spectrophotometer into packs that only contain Ys-value. We call this a ‘Dry-QC’. A dosage respons that is only performed during R&D and if the soil media has changed.