Along with the stains, your machine must be filled with a wash load. Because using consumer loads is a very expensive and difficult practice, we offer standardized load. Most of these loads are a selection of standardized white fabrics fabricated in the form of items typically found in consumer wash loads such as bed sheets, towels, pillow cases and men’s shirts.

However, a consumer would never wash an item with a stain in a load that is otherwise completely clean. By placing soil ballast sheets in your wash loads, the load wil better present a full wash load of consumer soiled items. The most commonly used ballast load materials are SBL-CFT and W-SBL 2004.

In addition to the white loads we also offer a coloured consumer load and many other items. With our inhouse sewing department we are also able to offer a complete custom load.

Below you will find a selection of the most used Soil Ballast and Ballast Load items.