multi Area Colour measurement

Multi Area Colour-measurement Hardware is designed to provide fast and accurate spectral measurements of multiple samples in a single cycle. The system provides the capability to measure large and inhomogenous surfaces, and now with the Mach 5+ upgrade, it also facilitates the measurement of glossy objects. This advanced technology offers unprecedented accuracy, precision, and efficiency to meet the demanding needs of a variety of industries, including manufacturing, research, and quality control. Its advanced software provides comprehensive data analysis, enabling users to make informed decisions on color matching, quality, and consistency. We are committed to continually advancing our technology to provide our clients with the most advanced and reliable solutions for their color measurement needs.


Patrick Zwamborn

QC/R&D Manager - Center For Testmaterials

We save up to 60% measurement time by using the Mach 5+

The Future of Color Measurement

Calibration tile
Accuracy of measurements

A calibration daily check plate with 24 different coloured is included with the MACH 5+. With this tile, you can check the accuracy of the measurements of your device on a daily basis.

Chose your own measuring area

We are pleased to inform you that the MACH 5+ is able to measure not only the color of textiles but also hard surfaces such as dishwash tiles with great accuracy. The MACH 5+ offers a unique advantage over traditional spectrophotometers by allowing measurement of up to 10 tiles in just one click. Additionally, with fully flexible area shape and size selection, the MACH 5+ offers even more convenience and accuracy in your color measurement processes.

For customers currently using the TQC, we are proud to share that you have the option to measure 2 areas on one tile for enhanced accuracy.

We believe that the MACH 5+ is a valuable tool that will help you streamline your color measurement processes effectively and efficiently. Should you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Sales and delivery are coordinated by CFT BV. Colour Consult BV handles the technical support.

How does it work?


Installing device

Installing software and unpacking by CFT expert on location.


User guide presentation

A demonstration on the operation of this device will be conducted by a certified CFT expert. This demonstration will provide the assurance that you can immediately commence utilizing the Mach5+ post-installation.


Inserting Measurement products

Place the to measure materials in the Mach 5+


Put data in Excel.

Once the measurement process has been completed, the data can be conveniently exported to Excel with a single click. Furthermore, should you wish to append images of the measurements, that too can be accomplished with ease.

we’re here to all your questions

We would like to extend our offer of assistance to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiries or concerns that you may have. Our team is at your service and we shall be delighted to address any questions that you may need clarification on.

— Keyboard
– Mouse
– Connection cables
– Keyboard
– Mouse
– Connection cables
– Frames for placing testmaterials
– Daily Check Calibration Tile
– Protective sleeve for Daily Check Calibration Tile
– Calibration Chart

Continuing support is provided by Colour Consult BV. This support is free of charge for the first year after purchase. After this period you can sign a service contract with Colour Consult BV. This will offer you technical service, software updates, and the possibility to purchase custom-built add-ons (hardware or software) such as a remote-access point for online tech support. This allows Colour Consult BV to modify or update The Mach 5+ software remotely if necessary.

MACH 5+ is equipped with multiple light sources which together cover the spectrum from 400-750 nm, corresponding with colours visible to
the human eye. The combination of the spectral sensitivity of the camera and the selected light sources give results that are similar to of a fully equipped spectrophotometer with a UV-filter in place (UV excluded). Output is given in L*a*b* -values, XYZ-values and % reflection from 400 to 700nm. 


Extensive testing has shown that  97.65% of the L*-values measured with the MACH5+ deviates less than 2 units from a conventional spectrophotometer. The L*-value (or else the Y-value) is the most commonly used to quantify soil removal. The a*-value and b*- value scored 96,3% and 94,4% respectively in these tests. 

Yes, CFT ships world wide.

The bespoke software of the MACH 5+ offers unique possibilities. Either a flexible manual selection of areas, or an automated time-saving selection of areas, can be used. In both cases, the variation within the selected areas can be restricted or recorded as a seperate value.

All data outpunt is automatically stored in a database together with the recorded image, which not only offers you unique visual opportunities, but also the possibility to discard the physical monitors.

The data can also be stored to a network drive or in your own analytic software. The user can even add his own complex formulas in Phyton script which can be run automatically from the MACH 5+ as a custom option.

The MACH 5+ software is installed on a ‘frozen’ PC delivered with the device. This means the PC is wiped clean after every restart. This is to ensure the device is always working correctly. Naturally, the database with measurements is stored in a part of the drive that is not wiped clean.

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