As a  lot of consumers wear coloured items, the preservation of coloured items and the prevention of discolourations on items are important aspects of a detergent. There are two types for assessing these aspects. Colour fastness tests and Dye Transfer Inhibition tests.

In a Colour Fastness test your detergent will try to preserve the colour of the dyes items. Most of these test compromise a full scale multi-wash test. The textiles are dyed in the same way. We have a wide selection of different substrate-dyeing techniques available.

Dye Transfer Inhibition tests are very different. In this case, the textiles are dyed ‘poorly’ on purpose. The materials are designed to bleed dye in the wash liquor. Most of the time, these tests are performed in labtest setup like a linitester or a Tergotometer.

  • We offer materials for tests like the AISE DTI test and the AISE Colour Fastness test
  • The monitor on the right contains all dyed fabrics of the AISE 14 dye subset