Industry Standards

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A lot of testing is being done in the industry according to all kinds of standard protocols. Especially in the machine testing industry there is a high level of standardization of tests; Such as the IEC 60456 protocol for machine testing and awarding Energy labels. This international standard is used in Europe, a derivative is being used in the USA under AHAM standard and in Australia and in other parts of the Southern hemisphere the AS/NZS Standard is applied to award the EnergyRating.There have been numerous of test methods which were used for detergent testing. The last few years we have seen more movement towards standardization and consensus. The two main exponents from that are the AISE-protocol and the Ecolabel-standard. And these two standards are also moving closer together.
Especially the AISE-protocol is a base standard that means it leaves a lot of room to add other stains or testmaterials as well, so that you can better incorporate the protocol into your own protocols. Both protocols incorporate a section on colour management as well.

Testmaterials for Standard Tests
On our website you can soon find extensive lists per standard which testmaterials and consumables you would need for which standard test. Of course all these items can be purchased through CFT. Some examples:

  • EnergyRating tests AS/NZS: AS-09 test swatches
  • AISE Soil removal tests: Strip-AISE A (swatches) + Strip-AISE B (stains) or both combined on Mon-AISE SoilsEq
  • EnergyLabel tests IEC 60456: IEC 60456 4th edition Strips
  • AHAM test: AHAM HLW-1 / IEC 60456 5th edition Strips
  • Ecolabel tests: New monitor with 12x12cm soiled swatches
  • AISE colour care test: 40 colours of AISE Dye Set
  • AISE colour transfer test: E-130, E-131, E-132, E-134

For dishwash tests the most important standard is the IkW standard test protocol. This requires a lot of testmaterial preparation in-house. CFT has developed her own method using standardized soiled tiles which are commercially available and can form a welcome addition to IkW test.

Other consumables for Standard Tests
Next to the choice of testmaterial other consumables are needed to perform laundry tests as well. For instance the ballast load to which the tracer stains and testmaterials are added. A consistent and reproducible load is important, because it can have a significant effect on the test results. Often a standardized soil ballast load is added to the clean ballast load items to mimic a soiled consumer wash load. Of course you will need the formulas for your tests and it is recommended or obliged to use a standard reference detergent as well. All these consumables can of course be bought through CFT as well.
Some examples:

Detergents Ballast Load items
AA Liq
IEC 60456A no phosphate
IEC 60456B + phosphate
IEC 60456 Wool ref. liq.
IEC436 Dishwash type A
IEC436 Dishwash type B
Reference Rinse Aid
Sodium Perborate
Bleach Activator
AATCC ref. liquid formula
IEC Bed Sheets
IEC T12     IEC Huckabeck Towels
IEC T13     IEC Pillow Cases Cotton
IEC T14     IEC Men’s Shirts
IEC T15     IEC Pillow Cases P/C
ISO MW     ISO 6330 Make Weights
Soil Ballast