Shelf life

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Shelf life

  • Circular Stains are AT LEAST usable for one year after production date.
  • Standardized Testmaterials are AT LEAST usable for 6 months after shipment.
  • Dishwash Monitors are AT LEAST usable for 6 months after shipment.

The expiration date of our testmaterials is always given on the label.

Circular Stains

For Circular Stains the explanation is easy, we sell our stains to be valid one year after production date. This date will be given on the label. Usually, stains are freshly made to order.

Standardized Testmaterials and Dishwash Monitors

The machine made Standardized Testmaterials have also been tested to be storable up to 1 year after production date. This however is the MINIMUM storage life. Obviously it is not the case that the testmaterials are suddenly unusable after 1 year and 1 day. It fully depends on the type of testmaterial. Some are stable for several years. Others do change significantly in 1 year time.  But we have to draw a line somewhere.

We keep stock of most Standardized Testmaterials. The testmaterials are in our storage room for 6 months, so if we send them to our customers, you can store them AT LEAST for another 6 months. We label the ‘At least usable till’ date  on the packaging. But in reality this could thus be up to 1 year, if the product was less than 6 months in our storage. So it could be that you order the same batch of products 2 months after the first time and it will have a different ‘At least usable till’ date on it.

After a product is 6 months in our inventory we re-do the Quality Control test procedure. If nothing has changed, and that does happen frequently, we store it again for another 6 months. And it could thus be that your product is older than 1 year, but in that case it has been retested in the meantime.


AS-09 is an exception to this guidelines. AS-09 swatches will be valid for use till 2 years after production date. Please check the label of your swatches for usable till date.