Sheen Washability Tester

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 Sheen Washability Tester (Sheen PG 903)

The washability tester was designed in response to the detergent industry requirements for washability testing using cleaning agents applied directly to sponge (or other types of) scrubbing heads, to mimic hand dish & hard-surface cleaning movements in a standardized way.Four scrubbing heads enable a combination of tests to be carried out one at a time. You can place up to four CFT Dishwash monitors in the washability tester. A lift and tilting carriage assembly allows all four heads to be lifted and rotated through 180 degrees to facilitate a quick and easy access to the sponges. To aid cleaning, the carriage assembly can be removed simply by moving the spring clip and lifting off.

Weights can be added to the scrub heads to give a weight loading between 300g and 1000g in 100g increments for intensive test procedures to mimic manual pressure.


The washability tester is fitted with a five speed motor. This allows adjustment for the scrubbing heads to travel at speeds of 20,25,30,35 and 37 strokes per minute allowing simulation of fast or slow cleaning actions.

A five digit counter with pre-set facility is fitted so that the machine can be set to run unattended without risk of exceeding the number of strokes required by the test procedure.

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