Recommended Storage Conditions

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Recommended Storage Conditions

We advise you to keep products in a dark and dry place, as much as possible in their vacuum packaging. If you want to reseal our testmaterials, we sell vaccuumpackaging machines. Check out the Equipment page for more information.

Concerning temperatures we advise the following:

Check the labels on the packaging for the recommended storage temperature. Below you fill find an overview of storage temperatures for our soiled testmaterials.

Controlled Room Temperature (ca. 18ºC-23ºC):
Fat containing Standardized Testmaterials: C-S-04, C-S-10, C-S-46, C-S-61, C-S-62, C-S-63 and C-S-78.
Some of the Dishwash monitors: DP-02, DM-11, DM-12, DS-50, DM-51, DM-62, DM-80, DM-81, DM-83 and DC-20.

Freezer (- 18ºC):
Starch containing Standardized Testmaterials: C-S-26, C-S-27, C-S-28 and C-S-29.

Refridgerator (3º- 7ºC):
We advise to keep all other Standardized Testmaterials, all Circular Stains and Dishwash Monitors refridgerated.

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