White Fabrics

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We apply our Standardized Testmaterials on selected substrate fabrics. Cotton is the most used substrate fabric, we use 5 different types of woven cotton, selected to give the biggest Discriminative Power in combination with the soil. Which substrate cotton is used for which testmaterial is shown below.

Code Surface   Code Surface
C-01 CN-02m   C-S-31 CN-11
C-02 T-400   C-S-32 CN-17
C-03 CN-11   C-S-33 CN-11
C-04 CN-11   C-S-34 CN-11
C-05 CN-11   C-S-35 DN-01
C-06 CN-02   C-S-36 CN-11
C-07 CN-17   C-S-37 CN-11
C-08 CN-11   C-S-38 CN-11
C-09 CN-11   CS-39 CN-11
C-10 CN-11   CS-40 CN-11
C-11 CN-17   CS-41 CN-11
C-12 CN-11   CS-42 CN-17
C-13 CN-17   C-S-43 CN-11
C-BC-01 CN-17   C-S-44 CN-02
C-BC-02 CN-17   C-S-45 CN-11
C-BC-03 CN-17   C-S-46(B) CN-17
C-BC-04 CN-11   C-S-47 CN-11
C-BC-05 CN-17   C-S-48 CN-17
C-BC-06 CN-17   C-S-49 CN-11
C-S-01 CN-02   C-S-50 CN-11
C-S-101 CN-02   C-S-51 CN-11
C-S-02 CN-02   C-S-52 CN-11
C-S-03 CN-02m   C-S-53 CN-17
C-S-103 CN-02m   C-S-54 CN-17
C-S-04 CN-11   C-S-55 CN-17
C-S-05s CN-02m   C-S-56 CN-11
C-S-06 T-400   C-S-57 CN-17
C-S-08 CN-17   C-S-58 CN-11
C-S-09 DN-01   C-S-59 CN-17
C-S-10 CN-11   C-S-60 CN-17
C-S-11 CN-17   C-S-61 CN-11
C-S-12 CN-17   C-S-62 CN-11
C-S-112 CN-17   C-S-63 CN-11
C-S-13 CN-17   C-S-64 CN-17
C-S-14 CN-17   C-S-65 CN-17
C-S-15 CN-17   C-S-66 CN-17
C-S-115 CN-17   C-S-67 CN-17
C-S-16 CN-11   C-S-68 CN-17
C-S-116 CN-11   C-S-69 CN-17
C-S-216 CN-11   C-S-70 CN-17
C-S-17 CN-17   C-S-71 CN-17
C-S-18 CN-17   C-S-72 CN-17
C-S-19 CN-17   C-S-73 CN-17
C-S-20 CN-11   C-S-74 CN-17
C-S-120 CN-11   C-S-75 CN-11
C-S-21 CN-17   C-S-76 CN-11
C-S-22 CN-17   C-S-77 CN-17
C-S-23 CN-17   C-S-78 CN-17
C-S-24 CN-11   C-S-79 CN-17
C-S-25 CN-11   C-S-80 CN-17
C-S-26 T-400   C-S-81 CN-17
C-S-27 T-400   C-S-82 CN-17
C-S-28 T-400   C-S-83 CN-17
C-S-29 T-400   C-S-84 CN-17
C-S-30 CN-17   C-S-91 CN-17
Substrate Fabrics
We also sell unsoiled textiles for all kinds of purposes. Some of these fabrics are used by us to apply our soils on, the substrate fabrics. For woven cotton we use several different types of cotton for different soils. For our other substrate fabrics we only use one.

Surface Type Code   Surface Code Code
Knitted Cotton CN-42 KC-S-xx   Nylon T-365 N-S-xx
Polyester/Cotton PCN-1 PC-S-xx   Silk T-601 S-S-xx
Polyester PN-01 P-S-xx   Wool T-541 W-S-xx
PolyAcryl PAN-1 PA-S-xx        

White Set
Besides using these fabrics to apply our soils on we also sell a wide range of standardized unsoiled fabrics. C.F.T. has made a selection of all types of unsoiled fabrics which gives a reasonable average of all textiles available.

Code Description Weight (g/m2) Width (cm)
CN-02   190 90
CN-11 Cotton Cretonne, bleached without opt. brightner, woven 170 150
CN-17 Merc. Cotton Cretonne, bleached w/o opt. bright, woven 170 150
CT-01 White Cotton Terry Towel 380 160
PAN-01 PolyAcryl, woven   120
PCN-01 Polyester/Cotton 65/35%, bleached w/o opt. br., woven 170 90
PN-01 100% Polyester, bleached w/o opt. bright, woven   150
T-154 Spun acetate suiting (ISO 105/F07), woven 164 110
T-266 Spun viscose challis (ISO 105/F02), woven 138 145
T-339 Nylon/Lycra swimwear, knitted 185 150
T-361 Spun Nylon 6.6 DuPont type 200 (ISO 105/F03), woven 124 105
T-460 Bleached Cotton interlock knitted, tubular 187 75
T-541 Worsted Gabardine Wool, woven 187 155
T-601 Silk Crepe de Chine 16mm, woven 72 110
T-720 Texturized dacron 56T, Double Knit Jersey Polyester 200 130
T-L-61 Handkerchief Linen, woven 86 150
CN-42 Cotton interlock double jersey with OB 290 140
W-10 A WFK standard cotton   100
W-20 A WFK Polyester/Cotton 65/35%   100
W-30 A WFK 100% Polyester   100

The listed fabrics above should normally be in stock in one meter pieces but are also available on rolls (most in stock)
This is just a small range of all the unsoiled fabrics we can offer. If you are interested in any sort of textile whatsoever we will try to see or we can supply this. An extensive list of textiles which we can offer right away is available on request.