Bleach Cloths

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Bleach Cloths

The BC-Series’ products are a special group of products. These are all especially designed to isolate bleach performance results only.
All of the BC-products have in common that they are rinsed with water after application of the soil. Thus removing the easy to remove soil and leaving the hard to remove bleachable part of the soil behind.
The advantage is that all of the soil removal can be contributed to the bleach system of your detergent. It can also be explained as Consumer Realistic, being the first thing a consumer would do after a stain occurs, is to try to rinse it out with water. Because of the bleach sensitivity, this product is not very much suitable to test liquid detergents.

The combination of certain soils on the different surfaces leads to the product codes in the same way as in the AS-Series. (C-BC-01 for cotton, W-BC-01 for wool, PC-BC-01 for polycotton etc.). Below, all of our Consumer soils are listed.

More information on the soils can be found in the CFT Swatchbook, available for download below. More information on prices can be found in the CFT pricelist, also available for download below.

Product code Description
C-BC-01 Tea for medium/high temperatures
C-BC-02 Coffee
C-BC-03 Tea for low temperatures
C-BC-04 Curry
C-BC-05 Red beet
C-BC-06 Strawberry