Standardized Testmaterials

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CFT produces an extensive range of machine soiled testmaterials. All our testmaterials are listed in our Swatchbook, available for download on top tof this page.

We like to refer to the 3 R’s when describing these testmaterials:

  • Reliable: High level of quality control
  • Reproducible: Low in- & batch-to-batch varation
  • Relevant: Consumer relevant soils are applied

Soiled by immersion
All standardized testmaterials produced at CFT are produced by running the fabric through a bath of soil suspension. We do not work with solvent, only with soil intrinsic emulsifiers, which is much more realistic and safer.

CFT is in possession of four different immersion soiling machines. With this machine all our frequently sold products on the various fabrics we offer are produced on 90 cm width. The width of all our products is clearly listed in our Pricelist.The test cloths and swatches that CFT produces can be divided into three different numbered ranges:

All three start counting at 01, but have a different range-specific letter in the code. First range is that of the Artificial Soils, these are the longest running standard soiled testmaterials.

Artificial Soils