Dishwash Monitors

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Until now most producers of dishwash detergent, dishwashers and related industries used subjective measuring systems with home made testmaterials. So in fact the Dishwash tests are decades behind on the detergent tests being performed.CFT aims to change that fact. Therefore we introduced the first Dishwash Monitors a few years ago.C.F.T. produces stained melamine resin based tiles suitable for monitoring bleach and cleaning efficiency from dishwashing products.One of the main benefits of our melamine Dishwasher Monitors is the fast production method and the low in batch variety. This is definitely the case if you compare it with home made products. Even though you use a prescribed method of production, all kinds of variables will be different. And most of all the current in home production methods are very time consuming. Using the CFT Dishwash Method you can save a lot of time and money. There has not been any research showing that the use of melamine tiles will give different results than using real dishes. On the contrary the CFT Dishwash Monitors give a more consistent result. If you are interested in discussing this issue we would like to invite you to contact us at or +31 10 460 39 55. Free samples are available at request.

The most important benefit is the fact that the CFT Dishwash Monitors are Objectively Measurable and you can perform reliable Quantitative Analyses. Current methods use mainly visual comparison/scoring. Further advantage is the widespread authority of standard available monitors. Claims can be verified or contradicted.

Range of Dishwash Monitors

Code Description   Code Description
DM 03 Shepherd’s Pie   DM 75 Chocolate Pudding
DM 06 Baked diet Cheese   DM 76 Corn Starch, coloured
DM 07 Spaghetti Bolognese   DM 77 Mix Starch, coloured
DM 10 Crème Brulée   DM 78 Rice Starch, coloured
DM 11 Tea   DM 176 Corn Starch severe
DM 12 Tea with Milk   DM 177 Mix Starch severe
DM 21 Egg yolk   DM 178 Rice Starch severe
DM 22 Double quantity Egg yolk   DM 276 Double soiled Corn Starch
DM 23 1.5x quantity Egg yolk   DM 277 Double soiled Mix Starch
DM 31 Egg yolk/Milk   DM 278 Double soiled Rice Starch
DM 32 Double quantity Egg yolk/Milk   DM 81 Coffee
DM 33 1.5x quantity Egg yolk/Milk   DM 82 Espresso Coffee
DM 42 Blueberry Yoghurt   DM 83 Coffee with Milk
DM 51 Red Wine   DM 91 Minced Meat
DM 54 Oatmeal/Chocolate   DM 92 Double soiled Minced Meat
DM 60 Spinach   DM 93 Triple soiled Minced Meat

Guidelines for use
CFT Dishwash Monitors are very suitable to implement as a new standard for testing the performance of your dishwasher or dishwasher detergent. The advised measuring method is the same as for test cloths, namely by reflectance value differences.

  • Our Dishwasher Monitors are ready for use as they are delivered
  • The Dishwasher Monitors should be placed in upright position in the dishwasher our DM-S holder can help with that.
  • It is recommended to perform 3 or 4 external repetition of 1 or 2 internal repetitions
  • All temperatures are suitable for testing
  • All our Quality Control check results are accessible online

New Developments
Last year we have introduced some of our soils on glass, plastic and stainless steel as well, next to our existing melamine tiles. These can all be found in our CFT Pricelist. We have introduced some new soils amongst which our new DM 03 Shepherd’s Pie. And finally we have developed a special plate-holder which can hold 3 DM tiles as if it where a diner plate with three stains.

Our latest addition to the range of Dishwash Monitors is a complex soil combination:Shepherd’s Pie.dm77 dm03 Standard soiled Coloured Mix Starch tile; For measuring performance of amylase enzymes in Dishwash detergents. Light weight, un-breakable and very reprodudm3cible. dm77