Circular Stains

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cft-5Though Circular Stains, produced without ageing at elevated temperatures, are less reproducible than the soiled fabrics above, they are considered to be closer to in home practice. Hand made stains are produced in a temperature controlled room and dried at this room temperature.The Circular Stains on fabric are vacuum packed after the specified (non-heated) stabilization time. Storage in a refrigerator at 3-5 °C is strongly recommended, but freezing should be avoided. Maximum storage time under those conditions is about a year, but we recommend using the ordered stains as soon as possible. The standards Circular Stains in our range are available in packs of 50pcs. All Circular Stains are applied on pre-washed fabric.

We standard apply a triple pre-wash with IEC A* detergent, the temperature at which this is done depends on the fabric.We at C.F.T. consider the main benefit of Circular Stains, the fact that it is relatively easy to produce a large amount of different stains in a short period of time, even within one day. Circular Stains are an especially suitable tool for a final appraisal of a newly developed product in order to check if the new product shows any weaknesses not observed during the development stage.At least during the early stage of product development, we recommend to use the Standardized Fabrics. Due to the better reproducibility and the fact that they are designed to discriminate on certain product features (like bleaching, enzymatic action etc.), using Standardized Testmaterials requires far less repeat washes than using stains; also because of the high standard deviation even within batches of Circular Stains.

  • Useful for Claim Support
  • Flexible production, multiple soils can be applied in a short period of time
  • Small quantities are easy to produce
  • Some soils can only be applied as Circular Stains
  • Development time for new soils is short
  • We can pre-wash with your product to test soil repellent components
  • Circular Stains have higher Standard Deviation than Standardized Testmaterials
  • More repetition are required
  • More expensive
  • Made from consumer products so subjective to change in course of time
  • Results are less Reproducible than in tests with Standardized Testmaterials

To standardize our Circular Stains as well as possible we pre-measure each individual stain and select the best stains within a set Reflectance Value. This of course is a time consuming process and will cause a drop-out of sometimes over 30%. Due to these facts our Circular Stains are more expensive but we can offer you a higher quality product.

Our current range of Circular Stains consists of 147 different soils on 4 different fabrics. These fabrics are:

  • CN-11 – Woven Cotton
  • CN-42 – Knitted Cotton
  • PCN-1 – Woven Polyester/Cotton 65/35
  • PN-1 – Woven Polyester

Our full range of commercially available Circular Stains can be found in our CFT Pricelist. Custom made or exclusive stains are also possible