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Greying occurs due to damaging of the fabric and more importantly by soil re-deposition in the wash. The soil which re-deposits mostly contains of environmental soils, like soot in the air, household dust, sebum from skin etc. Another important part consists of stains (removed) from clothing in the wash.

Greying swatches
Next to that we also sell the wfk Greying Swatch. These swatches allow you to accelerate the greying effect, but in a less stressed situation and with comparable to real life results. The ‘socks’ contain a balanced soil composition designed to gradually deposit this during the wash cycle. 5 washes with a ‘fresh greying sock’ each simulates the effect of 30 washes in consumer households.

Carbon Black Liquid
We offer two types of products to test your formula on anti-greying performance. One is a Redeposition Liquid based on Carbon Black. This offers the possibility to do a one run stressed test.

fabriccareFabric Care
Stain removal is an important aspect of the wash performance for consumers, next to for instance colour maintenance. But consumer awareness about the fabric caring aspects of a detergent is growing as well.

One of the important aspects in the performance of your detergent or washing machine is the pilling prevention quality. We carry two main products for testing these kinds of performances. Just like with the greying effects you could approach this problem from two directions: Prevention and Resolving.

Re-deposition Removal
Next to measuring the anti-greying effect (mostly performed by using polymers in the detergent formulation), it is also interesting to see how well your formula performs in removing already occurred greying. Cellulase enzymes have a good greying removal capacity.
For this you could pre-grey fabrics using one of the above mentioned greying materials. But CFT also sells standardized pre-greyed fabrics.

Prevention: The Original PT-1:
This test cloth is excellent for pilling prevention researches. This 100% cotton test cloth is very colour fast. The pills which are formed on the surface of the fabric lose their colour. The loss of colour of the swatch in that sense is also a measurable aspect of the pilling. Other approaches usually require special lighting to make the pills better visible and compare that to photo scales or a counting method.

Resolving: The Pre-Pilled PT-2:
PT-2 is excellent for the pilling cure researches, to test the performance of your detergent or machine on restoring previously pilled garments. This 100% cotton test cloth is Pre-Pilled in an industrial drum-type laundry washing machine, with a similar program as used in household washing machines. Pilling can be done with the IEC base detergent, commercial detergent, or with only water, on your specifications. The intensity of the pilling can be done according to standard values or at your own specifications.greyingeffects2