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Artificial Soils (AS)

The AS-Series’ products were the 13 products which CFT started their business with in 1989. These testmaterials can be categorized as ‘technical’ testmaterials. Not so much consumer realistic but designed to show well discriminating and reliable results.
Ten years later after CFT had developed a large number of other testmaterials in the Consumer Soils Series (CS-Series), the article coding was changed. The Artificial Soil Products like AS-01, are now known as C-01 etc. This was done to make sure the first letter of the product code corresponds with the substrate material (C-01 for cotton, W-01 for wool, PC-01 for polycotton etc.).

C-01 Mineral oil with carbon black
C-02 Olive Oil with carbon black
C-03 Chocolate milk with carbon black
C-04 Olive oil with chlorophyl
C-05 Blood, milk, ink
C-105 Blood, Milk, slightly tinted
C-06 Pigment, oil, for industrial laundry
C-07 Motor oil with carbon black
C-08 Pigment, oil (above 60C)
C-09 Pigment, oil (below 60C)
C-10 Pigment,oil,milkcontent
C-11 Milk with carbon black
C-12 Pigment, oil, low milk content
C-13 Soot, thickening agent
AS-09 Australian standard