Products – What’s New

Our CFT website is completely being renewed. We will show lists of testmaterials and other consumables needed for detergency tests according to several protocols. You can find all our most recent quality control information online and you can find the right ordering forms, research reports, pricelists etc.

Research & Development
R&D is a vital aspect of our company; we need this to be able to introduce new type of products or the format in which we offer them. One of the most striking examples is the constant development of our new Multi Area Colour-measuring Hardware: the MACH 5.

New Products
As every year we have developed some new products in the past year. Some of these will be further described in more detail later:

  • CS-46 – Used Frying Fat
  • CS-77 – Babyfood
  • CS-79 – Napolina Tomato
  • CS-80 – Grass / Mud
  • CS-81 – Forrest Fruit Jam
  • CS-82 – Gravy from Meat
  • CS-83 – Crema di Balsamico
  • CS-84 – Sweet Chili Sauce
  • CS-91 – Minced Meat

The Dishwash Monitors are also always in our focus:

  • DM 03 – Shepherd’s Pie
  • DM 08 – Double Cheese
  • DM 22 – Double Eggyolk
  • DM 23 -1.5x Eggyolk
  • DM 32 – Double Egg/milk
  • DM 33 – 1.5x Egg/milk

Sample books
To be of full service to our customers we have developed special swatchbooks containing extensive information of all the testmaterials in our range:

  • Standardized Testmaterials Swatchbook
  • Circular Stains Sample Book
  • Dishwash & Hard Surface cleaning Sample Book

Of all our products you can see an example, a description is given with the main application and all possible variants are given. These sample books are available in print, but you can also download digital copies in the downloads section

A green CFT

Environmental issues are also important topics within CFT. Our latest addition in our green transition is the addition of Solar Panels to our roof.