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We are proud to inform you that with few exceptions all our prices have remained unchanged. A minor percentage has been increased but a for a larger group we have even lowered the prices, due to some improvements in the efficiency in production of these products. As always this pricelist also include products produced by WFK Testgewebe, Swissatest and Testfabrics Inc., which you can buy through CFT. CFT is also an official distributor of Warwick Equest produced stains, prices of these products are available at request. Next to the listed products we can also prepare all kinds of custom made or other exclusive products.

A full pricelist is available for download by using this link

Next to all the products listed in our pricelist we also offer several services. The costs of most of these services are calculated for individual customers or orders, like the sewing of strips or monitors or the production of custom made testmaterials. Other costs are given:

  • Cutting of swatches – € 6.00 per 100 swatches (each size)
  • Cutting of swatches (pinked edges) – € 7.70 per 100 swatches (each size)
  • Coding and/or Numbering of swatches – € 11.00 per 100 swatches
  • Standard Service Fee – € 55.00 per hour
  • Consultancy Fee – € 200.00 per hour

Delivery Conditions:
A complete set of the delivery condition is available for download by using this link

  • Standard delivery incoterm is DAP; other conditions possible on request.
  • Delivery time for stock kept items is usually one week.
  • Delivery time for items that are not in stock or custom made is 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Administration costs € 25,- per order for orders less than € 1000.
  • Ordered items, ordered in quantities which are not dividable by 5m will be charged extra re-packing costs of € 5,- per item.
  • Payments are due in 30 days. When paid within 8 days from invoice date, a discount of 2% can be withdrawn.
  • In case of payment in advance against a pro-forma invoice a discount of 4% is given

We use DHL as standard courier. For large amounts we use consolidated air freight.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.