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Quality Management
In the detergent industry our testmaterials are used to develop new detergent products or components and to monitor the performance quality of existing ones. Therefore it is very important to have consistent and reliable product quality. During our production process there are numerous checks, for instance we aim to keep the reflectance value variation under 2%, this is continuously measured. Next to that we always perform a quality control check on the sensitivity of the product and the reaction in wash tests. The results of these quality control tests are published on our website.

The Flexible firm
As a flexible firm C.F.T. responds to the demands in the market. There is a growing need for ready-to-use testmaterials like pre-cut swatches (specially packed) and combined strips or monitors for full scale tests. To fulfil this need we have recently expanded our service department.

Speed of delivery
In our market the speed of delivery is very important. Therefore we have decided to keep the most frequently asked and sold items in stock at all times. We are continuously improving this concept which means that we can deliver these goods faster and faster, without delaying the delivery of non-stock kept items. This is of course difficult to combine with products that need a lot of after production time consuming service work. Therefore we offer the possibility to order these items in a yearorder format, so that we can work ahead and deliver on the agreed moment. This also has the advantage that you can use one single batch for all your tests in that year. All this is still evolving at C.F.T. and we try to improve this continuously.Due to our large storage facility with several storage conditions possible (controlled room temperature, cooler, freezer) we also carry stock of the best selling products of Empa and WFK. For instance we always have a stock of WFK´s SBL 2004 to be able to supply you with this material immediately.

Stable products in time
C.F.T. tries to be discriminating from the competition through a few aspects. First of all we think that the quality of the products is very important and especially the objective measurements that can be made on this. To get reliable results it is best to have a low in batch variability as discussed earlier. This is also why C.F.T. recommends all tests to be measured with a spectrophotometer. More on this will follow in the next chapter. Secondly it is very important to have consistent products, even when they are stored. That is why we adapt a special ageing process for those products that need this to be stable in time. As result all our products will react the same in different points in time, with certain restrictions of course. We therefore advise that our products should be stored in vacuum sealed bags and at 6 to 8 degrees Celcius. Except some products, starch containing products should be stored at -18 degrees Celcius and highly fat containing products should be stored at room temperature. This will always be clearly marked at the bags. A list of these products can be found in the products section.

Specific reactions
The final performance aspect C.F.T. focuses on is the discriminating capabilities of our products. We find it very important that results of a test can be explained by the reactions of our products. If the product reacts on several different aspects of the detergent performance it is difficult to discriminate. We have therefore developed some unique products, like the Bleach Cloth series, which will only react on bleach performance for instance. Properties of C.F.T. Testmaterials The products produced at Center For Testmaterials all apply to a very high standard. Our recipes are balanced and suitable for measuring specific aspects. The batch production method provides flexible options. Combined with many years of experience this leads to a quality standard including the following properties:

  • Useful to obtain objective measurements
  • Uniform soiling (low within-batch variability)
  • Good reproducibility (low batch-to-batch variability)
  • Specific product or ingredient effects can be demonstrated and measured
  • Cost-effective, since few (expensive) repeat washes are needed to obtain reliable results